Telgar Rising is a PBeM (play by email) roleplay group for the book series “Dragonriders of Pern” by the late Anne McCaffrey. We mostly follow her canon with some influence from Todd (such as his early canon on whers) with some changes. Firstly, dragons still Impress mostly following gender lines, but sometimes deviate for reasons unknown. While this is not common, it does happen. Gay people also are not treated like doormats or throwaway characters, and trans characters exist. It’s true that they would be questioned and viewed as odd, maybe even insane, but they’re there.

We play through groups.io or by email, which would go back to the groups. Due to Admin discussion, we are 18+ and expect users to abide by such. Any minor (based on US laws) found to be skirting this rule will be immediately banned. Telgar can and will deal with darker subjects and I will not be blamed for exposing a minor to vulgar content, nor will I censor my entire Weyr to a PG rating. Yes, there will be an adult list, but I cannot restrict every single thing to it.

That said, welcome to Telgar! If you’re unfamiliar with DRoP, that’s fine! We love new people and will gladly help to educate you on the lore and rules of the planet. We do have a discord, too.

If you want a history of Pern, just check out our Pern Lore page.